1. Make Brainity Your Business Advertiser

You have to login to Facebook with the personal profile linked to the Business Manager of your store.

If you haven't configured your Business Manager, we recommend you follow these instructions  to configure it.

2. Choose Your Store's Facebook Page

You can see all the pages you have access to. Choose the page you use to post your store content and advertise your products.

3. Select Your Store's Ad Account

You have to give Brainity access to your ad account in order to let it manage your ads. Select the ad account that you are currently using to pay your ads. 

4. Create Your Account

Check if your name, last name and contact email are correct. Also, we strongly recommend you read our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions (EU GDPR compliant).

That's All!

After these simple steps, Brainity will start analyzing your audience to launch your first campaign.

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