To activate your entire e-commerce funnel, it is best to have Top, Middle and Bottom Funnel campaigns to reach each potential customer with the right message at each stage of their conversion journey.

Once your Top of the Funnel campaigns are generating enough traffic to your store, you should create Middle and Botttom of the Funnel campaigns to get the most out of every opportunity and guide the entire customer journey. 

One of the powerful aspects of the Brainity platform is that it automatically calculates the optimal budget for prospecting and retargeting and balances your budget between all the campaigns at each stage of the funnel, in order to get you the best overall results. 

The goal of the Top of the Funnel campaigns is prospecting. These campaigns bring traffic but often have a lower ROAS than retargeting campaigns. They are essential for feeding the rest of the funnel. The Prospecting and Retargeting efforts work in tandem, with the shared goal of increasing sales. 

In other words, all the campaigns work together towards the goal of increasing sales, but they have different purposes.

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