Interest-based Audiences are great for your top of the funnel campaigns because they discover new users/visits and bring them to your store. 

You should use at least 5-10 words to describe interests when creating each interest-based audience. Interests should be grouped by similar themes.

If you are not sure which interests work best to define your audience, we recommend to create up to 5 different interest-based audiences to test. Once you find the group of interests that works best, you can pause the other audiences and focus on refining the most successful one.

Thinking about the following questions can help you to choose the best category of interest to target your target:

  • Hobbies:
    What are some hobbies related to your products? e.g. basketball, baking, etc.

  • Usage:
    What are your products used for? e.g. decorating, running, etc.

  • Style:
    What style do your products have? e.g. handmade, rustic, urban etc.

  • Context:
    In what situations or contexts are your products used? e.g. weddings, parties, etc.

  • Media:
    What magazines, media or programs talk about your products? e.g. Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, etc.

  • Brands:
    What brands are more relevant to your audience? e.g. competitors brands, similar brands with the same values, etc.

If you decide to build your audience based on their media interests, create an audience with 5-10 magazines, influencers, podcasts, etc. that your audience may be interested in.

If you want to create an audience based on hobby interests, create a new audience and choose 5-10 interest in this category. But do not create an interest-based audience with a range of interests from different categories.

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