The Brainity Dashboard frequently mentions your store's "journey" or "customer journey" and "Top", "Middle", and "Bottom" funnels. Here these concepts are defined. 


Brainity helps you build a sequences of ads for your customers to experience, as they pass through the different stages of the customer journey (discovering, considering, trusting, buying). 

By building a Brainity journey, you create a sequence of ads that work like a funnel, that connect with your potential customers to encourage them to pass through each different decision making stage

With Brainity, you create 3 different campaigns to impact each stage of this journey to: catch their attention, keep their interest, and ultimately encourage them to follow through on their purchase.  

Your advertising journey guides potential customers through the decision making process and helps them fall in love with your brand. 

Top of Funnel: 1st stage of the journey 

Your potential customers begin their journey at the top of your e-commerce funnel. These campaigns should: 

  • Generate interest in the brand and connect on an emotional level (not focused on your products)

  • Attract attention by explaining what your brand is about

  • Showcase what is unique about your brand

  • For some stores it can be a good moment to connect with your audience over their Problem. Help them understand or identify the problem that your product resolves. 

Here are tips for making Top of Funnel ads

Middle of Funnel : 2nd stage of the journey 

Once you have caught the attention of your potential customers, its time to:  

  • Demonstrate your value

  • Build trust and engagement

  • Some brands may want to share solutions to the problem they solve (details of the product and why it works)

Here are tips for making Middle of Funnel ads

Bottom of Funnel: 3rd stage of the journey

Once your potential customers are deep in your funnel and interested in your brand, bottom of the funnel campaigns will need to: 

  • Keep your brand top of mind

  • Remind your visitors your value

  • Retarget the most interested visitors 

  • Encourage conversions and sweeten the deal 

Here are tips for making Bottom of Funnel ads

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