Bottom of Funnel retargeting campaigns dynamically show your warmest visits the specific products they showed interest in (product view and/or Ad to Cart events).

If you want your ads to directly show the product they viewed, you don't need to create an intro card. But, if you want to retarget audiences with a specific message you can build an intro card that will always appear before the products. 

Ads with well done intro cards often have a substantially higher Click Through Rate and we highly recommend using them.

How to Create Intro Cards with Brainity

Intro cards are available in the Bottom of Funnel campaign and can be created when you create an ad. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • From the main dashboard, click into your Bottom of Funnel campaign editor. 

  • If you have not created an audience yet, Brainity will guide you through creating your first Bottom of Funnel retargeting audience.  

  • Once you have moved on to creating your ad, the option to add an intro card is at the bottom of the ad builder page.

  • The intro card options will appear on click. 

Intro card images can only be 20% text or the ad will be rejected so it's a good idea to upload your intro card to be checked by Facebook before use, to ensure your ad is not rejected for too much text.


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