Choosing what to focus on in your ad copy can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to. The important first step is to define your brands'/products' Unique Selling Points. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think about the most appealing aspects of your store. Ask yourself:

  1. What makes your product different/better than other products? 

  2. How is it made? What is the process? What is the quality of your materials? 

  3. What is the inspiration behind your store/products/design/brand?

  4. What is the style of your brand?

  5. When will people use your product? During what events/circumstances/context?

There are many opportunities to showcase your value in the different ad copy spaces. Below we will explain the best way to use each text section in your ads and show you where those texts appear visually. 

1. Ad Text: 

Use this section to generate curiosity in your Top of Funnel campaign, and a feeling of scarcity for your Bottom of Funnel campaigns. You can use emojis if you want here. This text is often around 19 words long or less. 

2. Ad Headline:

This is the short text that should contain a Call To Action (CTA). Consider what action you want your audience to take. Do you want them to visit your website? Then encourage them to click with texts that highlight the potential benefits for the user like: "Discover our new collection", "Get the gear you need to train better". Best to keep this section 5 words or less (Facebook recommends 25 characters). 

3. Ad Description: 

This section is not as important as the other sections. Its simply a short tagline or slogan for your brand or website. Facebook recommends 30 characters max.

This is the link to the page that you want to show your audience once they click your ad.

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