When you use Brainity you have two ways to manage your budget:

  • Automatic Budget Balancing

  • Advanced Budget Configuration

Automatic Budget Balancing

When you set your automatic budget balancing, Brainity calculates your daily spending and checks every day checks how much you want to spend and ensures you spend the right amount to stay within the set budget, while distributing spending between your campaigns.  

This means that if you set your monthly budget to be $500. Brainity will spend roughly $17 a day, and distribute the spending to maximize performance through out your entire funnel (Top, Middle and Bottom).   

If you decide to change your budget at any time, Brainity will recalculate your daily budget based on the new figure, and restart the 30 day distribution. If you increase your budget to $1000, Brainity will begin to spend approximately $33 a day. And if you reduce the monthly budget to $300, Brainity will begin to spend $10 a day. 

Advanced Budget Configuration

The advanced budget configuration puts your budgeting into your own hands. This tool allows you to quickly move your budget between the top, middle, and bottom of your funnel with ease.

Simply establish your budget on your dashboard or select edit budget if you’ve already selected the amount. Next, select advanced budget configuration, and start distributing your budget as you see fit.

This feature allows you to drag and drop your budget along the balancing line, manually edit the percentage of your budget, and manually edit monthly ad spend. Whenever you make a change to your numbers, this is reflected on the balancing line.

On your dashboard, you can find your spending breakdown. This is where you can see your budget based on your shop’s performance and each campaign’s results.

Pausing or stopping your campaigns:

If for any reason you decide you want Brainity to Pause or Stop calculating and spending your daily budget, you will need to Pause your campaigns by going through the dashboard and following the steps provided here. 

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