The Middle of your Funnel is where you need to build trust, demonstrate value and educate your audience. 

The goal here is to get people who are aware of your brand to go to you store, check out your products, and find something they love. 

This is why it's good to build ads that showcase your products here, and focus on  your unique selling points. Below are some examples.

1. Ads that Educate/Differentiate: 

Make educational ads that help your audience learn more about the benefits of your product. Keep in mind what is great/unique about your products and then think about what your audience might need to know, to understand your unique value. 

Highlight the quality of your products materials, how your products are made, or showcases your company's values (sustainable products, organic, hand made, etc.)

2. Ads that Showcase Combinations: 

Put your products in context and combine/bundle them. Show how your customers can get more out of your products and increase the average purchase amount.

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