Creating Product Sets in Brainity is very simple. If you have a Bottom of Funnel campaign launched, login to Brainity and follow these steps.

Enter your Bottom of Funnel campaign and click the "Manage product sets" button in the top right.

Then click Create New Product Set.

You can easily group products by price by adjusting the price filter shown below. For example, You can create a product set containing only products above $50.

If you want to make more advanced product sets, click the text "Do you want to add more filters?"

  1. You can create a product set based on the Product Name, Product Brand, or Product Category with logical expressions (Is, Is not, Contains, Does not contain, Starts with)

  2. You can add more products to the set by clicking +And also.

  3. You can delete any product set rules clicking the trash can icon.

  4. You can preview the products included in your product set and make sure it contains the items you want.

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