You are able to build audiences from Specific URLs in your Top and Middle Funnel so that they are segmented based on their interests or behaviors.

Top Funnel: Split Your Lookalike Audiences

Using specific URLs to split your Top of Funnel Lookalike Audiences allows you to create different Lookalike Audiences from the people who engaged with different product categories or content.

By creating these audience segments you can create ads that more effectively connect with the distinct interests of your distinct audiences.

  1. Enter your Top Funnel.

  2. Edit an existing audience or create a new one.

  3. Choose the Lookalike Audience and then Specific Store Pages when you see the below options.

4. Enter Specific URLs or keywords to build an audience from the segment of visitors who viewed the pages.

+And also will allow you to include more pages and keywords in the same selection. (Example, you could build an audience segment from all visitors who viewed women's shoes, women's tops, dresses, and bottoms and create another segmented audience from those who viewed men's shoes, tops, and bottoms.)

Click the small blue text below the inclusion box "Do you want to exclude URLs?" (pictured above) if you would like to exclude specific pages from your segment.

The resulting Lookalike Audience will be made up of people who are similar to the people who visited the specific pages of your store.

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