Cross-selling & Upselling Basics

You can build strategic Product Sets to use in ads that offer additional products to people who've:

  1. already purchased from you or

  2. viewed some of your products

This can be a great tactic for stores that:

  1. sell products with seasonal changes, like apparel, shoes, etc.

  2. sell products that are often sold together or complement each other.

  3. sell products that are frequently repeat purchased.

  4. sell products that make sense sold in bundles.

  5. sell products with different pricing tears.

How to Cross-sell and Upsell in Brainity

First, you will need to create a product set for the new products you want to cross-sell or upsell and create a product set from the products that were already sold/viewed. Then follow the below steps.

  1. From within the Bottom of Funnel campaign, create a new audience.

2. When it comes time to choose your audience, click the text below the standard options "Do you want to make an advanced selection?"

  1. In the new menu, you are able to select the product set that you would like to use in your ads (if it is not possible to change the product set, this may be because you duplicated an existing audience or you are editing an audience. Facebook does not let you change the product set of an audience once it is made so you will need to create one from scratch).

2. You can build your target audience based on their behavior. If you are looking to cross-sell new products to people who purchased certain products previously, choose the Purchased option.

3. Here select the set of products that you want to upsell/cross-sell. For example, if you wanted to try and sell Fall Shoes to people who previously purchased your Summer Shoes, you would need to make a product set of your summer shoes and then select that product set here.

4. Here you can set the window of time.

5. + And also allows you to create multiple rules to add people to this cross-selling/upselling audience.

6. You can also create Exclusions (shown in the picture above) to ensure that you do not show cross-selling/upselling ads to people who have already purchased the items you are trying to sell.

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