Launch your Bottom of Funnel Campaign:

  1. Check out an example to conceptualize your bottom-funnel retargeting ads.

  2. Start building your campaign by clicking Create Campaign in your Bottom Funnel and choose or customize your retargeting audience.

  3. Create Dynamic Texts and make sure your ads look their best.

  4. Try building a few different Intro Cards to show a specific image, message, or discount to catch attention, or sweeten the deal before showing the Dynamic Product.

  5. Make sure your store’s product images are optimized to be shown via carousel ads or set up product image cropping.

  6. If you have different product categories or lots of traffic, create Product Sets and use them to segment your retargeting ads on a granular level.

  7. Use product sets to Cross-sell, Upsell, or Segment your retargeting!

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