Make a Top of Funnel Prospecting campaign:

  1. Plan your Top of Funnel ads and use impactful images/videos and texts that will generate curiosity.

  2. Create your first Top of funnel audience by clicking "Create Campaign" in the dashboard and following the guided steps. Choose the Lookalike audience option and the Automatic Source option if you are new to creating audiences.

  3. Create your first ads and make sure you write powerful ad texts.

  4. Now duplicate your Ad Set, but this time make it an interest-based audience. Showing the same ads to two different audiences will let you discover which audience is the best. Here’s how to choose good interests.

  5. Once you’re all set, leave your campaign alone for a week and don’t make any large changes (or you will restart the ads into the “learning phase” and hurt your performance).

Advanced Features (pro plan)

  1. If you sell products targeted to different potential customer profiles (i.e. products for men & women, singles & adults with children, people that love sports & people that love to cook, etc.) you can build specific Lookalike Audiences from people who visited specific URLs on your page, to more specifically target their interests.

  2. Create more Lookalike audiences from different sources like your Facebook and Instagram engagers, or past customers to find more opportunities.

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