If you have noticed that your Facebook campaigns are reaching a small amount of traffic that is not in your target locations, this can be caused by several different possible factors.

Facebook uses several different bits of user data to determine a user's location, like their profile information, IP address, data from location services, and aggregated information about their friend's locations. But all of this information still leaves around a 2-5% margin for error because:

  1. People travel between locations.

  2. People use VPN connections.

  3. IP addresses don't always match a user's location.

  4. Google Analytics and Facebook have different geographic targeting borders.

Which means that it is normal to see a small number of users from outside your target areas.

However, if the majority of your traffic is from countries you are not targeting, you should double-check your advertising configuration.

  1. Enter your Top, Middle and Bottom funnel campaigns.

  2. On your audiences, click the dots menu then Countries, then Edit locations.

3. Ensure you only have the locations you want to advertise selected and that you have excluded any regions within your selection where you do not want to advertise.

  • The countries in blue are those that are included.

  • Any regions excluded are in red.

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