Which type of ads support custom images for stories?

Only single ads can support custom images for stories. These ads are only available in the top and middle funnel.

How do I add custom images to stories?

Create a new single ad in your top of middle funnel:

Select the image, video or gif you want to use from your computer or Facebook library:

Click “Customize the images or videos of your Facebook and Instagram Stories” which can be found directly under your selected media:

Select the other media you want to add to your Facebook or Instagram story ads:

How can I check how it looks?

After you have selected the media you want to include, you can preview the ads by selecting preview at the bottom of your screen.

Switching From Dynamic Creative to Single Ads

This is because dynamic ads really only show 1 ad. Facebook combines the texts and images until it finds 1 version that is performing best, and then shows that version to your audience.

If you want to customize the images of your stories and you are using Dynamic Creative Ads, you need to choose a different ad format (single or carousel ads).

So, in case you want to use stories but you launched your ads using Dynamic Creative Ads you need to the following:

  1. Duplicate your audience

  2. Switch from dynamic to single/carousel in the ad part during the editing

  3. Turn off the old audience to avoid audience overlap

If you want to test more ads, do not duplicate you already are using, because this will cause Audience overlap.

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